in a land 

where beginnings never end

where laughter carries cement 

where cowards crack and bend


A step with a shadow 


It lunged and hit my 


It begged for an 


It pleaded and prodded and peppered with persuasion and perpetually paused to create lasting tension 

It aggregated and agitated and arguably annoyed the arbitration aroused by the announced elevation


And never oh ever will I climb this said step 

Forever means I never will touch these laid bricks 

As I stand far away in the shadow of the sun 

Gazing upon a setting day bleeding alone

I notice the sounds and the air and the taste 

I thank mood for the glow of my renegade days


And walk away down a path towards another frame 

I smile, it’s not bad, this lonely wet heat 

Front doors live for your secrets to keep 

For this is not mine, this step over here

So I’ll go home now thank you 

I don’t just climb anywhere

christine hauer