I know

I’m meant for something 

But it’s still


My back is leaning on a wall and my feet are

On the ground but my back fat

No, extra skin 

Is up around my ears

I can still here er 

hear though

The kitchen is Melting 

The neighbors are humming 

The bruise on my arm

Is burning 

Cactus harm 

I wish my face skin would 

Get good and decide 

What shape it wants to be

Up down or 


inside eyes 

Make the voice go up and 

Tell a story 

With the song

Tell a story 

I can see the ridges of my hand 

The skin that settles into wrinkles

Gripping my bones and plugging 

Into this phone 

I don’t know what I am doing yet but 

Maybe if I get off the floor it’ll 

find me 

Ready set.

christine hauer