Ev Ve

NIGHTTIME in a red dress with a bottle of wine. 

i feel it in my toes and in my head

piano is on the TV and the memory 

of the love i had for you and me

me and me

green light

humming humming humming 

birds in the dark cant be seen

just heard

i feel the dinner i made in my hands

pasta caked on my nail beds

bed covered in clothes i didn’t wear

and shoes on my feet my hair up

im serious 

about the things i’m crazy about 

excited is a word i overuse 

other people say weird

sure use your defenses 

label a space with a door

pour more wine or take it slow

should i just take it slow

ducky was pretty

arthur had a sword

i want a kid

i am

but i want a reason for

well, too

what happens when the rest of your life 

is seen and you know, ya know, you know

im sweating 

and nodding

and feel happy in the tips of my eye lashes

like they might drip

drip drop with the rush of the maybe

the next maybe

is the last 

maybe the 

never is a horrible word

so is love

both so finite. 

did i mention im serious 

about the never

being a never 


i hear you

nighttime in a red dress with 

hands pumping blood down to click

breath pounds out because

well it’s more escaping out

because well I’m a losing guard 

never is a terrible word

but it has the word ever in it too

ever never forever. 



christine hauer