HI! I'm Christine. I'm an actress and comedian, with a karaoke cabaret one-woman show currently on tour in random BK basements + LA yards. Beginning this creative vagabond career post-Business school with stand-up and improv, I've since moved onto study classic and contemporary theater, working with Meisner techniques and Grotowski movement. And I like film! Just wrapped my first feature, Passion of Joan, produced through Brilliant Earth Pictures, and am moving into my own vortex of film creation. To give you an idea of what my tastebuds find flavorful, my all time favorite movie is The Birdcage and I have a stand-up routine that involves a plethora of Disney monologues. I'm also working on a couple web-series, I'm a flutist and water-colorist, and really enjoy my bike, Belle. You may see us zooming around town singing Aerosmith and eating donuts.